It is important to us that you have clear answers before you book! Have a look below!

Is there breakfast at Billy’s house? No, there is no breakfast. The category of the place is “self-catering apartments”.

Is there high speed Wi-Fi in the rooms and the premises? Yes, there is Wi-Fi everywhere but we are not very proud of the speed! We pay for the highest existing speed that the provider gives for the area.

Are the tables & BBQs in the garden for everyone? Yes, there are 3 tables and 2 BBQs in the garden that can be used by everyone. Charcoal is not provided.

• Are there mosquito nets in the windows & balcony doors?Yes, there are!

Is there view to the sea from the balcony or the garden? No, there is no view to the sea because the house is ground floor and the greenery is very dense.

Are all the apartments & studios ground floor? Yes, they are.

Is there a kitchenette in every apartment & studio? Yes there is a very well-equipped kitchenette in every accommodation type.

Are sheets & towels provided and how often do you change them? Yes, bring only your clothes & essentials!!Cleaning of the rooms is everyday and changing of linen is twice a week.

Is every service & tax included in the agreed price? Yes it is.

Is there parking space for every car? Yes, there’s plenty.

Are pets allowed at Billy’s House? We generally accept pets but you will be responsible for the behavior of your pet. If you think that it won’t scratch the walls, wake up everybody in the middle of the night, pee on our lawn, attack people or jump into the pool…then bring it!

Is there any baby equipment? Yes, there high chair, high baby bath tub, baby swinger in the garden, cots with baby linen etc..

Is the beach accessible on foot and what type of beach is it? A path leads you from the garden to the main beach of the village in 2-3 min. It is a long beach on which you can find everything…parts with pebbles ,parts with sand, parts with sunbeds & umbrellas and of course the windsurfing schools.

Is there possibility to store our windsurfing equipment anywhere on the beach? Yes ,there is a storage place right on the beach, in the wind spot (on extra charge)

Is there possibility to wash our clothes? You can use one of our washing machines and leave some coins for water, detergent & electricity.

Is there boat/ferry connection to other Ionian Islands? There is only direct ferry connection to Kefallonia twice a day –including Sundays. (takes about an hour).

Is there possibility to dock our boat in the port or on the beach near the house? Yes, you can dock your boat at the port if there is free space. Some people also leave it just on the beach under the house.

Is there bus connection to the beautiful beaches of the west coast? No, we wouldn’t recommend this, it is very complicated.

Are there car/scooter/bicycle/squads rentals in Vasiliki ?Yes, there are

If we arrive by bus from Lefkada, will anyone pick us up from the village bus stop? Yes, of course.

Is there airport transfer service? No, we are not licensed to transfer people but we are willing to book a taxi for you.



• There is a plasma TV set in every bedroom. It is connected to the internet and there are satellite channels. How           about bringing your USB flash drive with your children’s favourite songs or cartoons?

• Bring warm cotton clothes as sometimes the nights under our garden trees can be really cool!

• Never come without protection from the sun, especially for kids! Greek sun is really hot!


"Health First" Declaration of Conformity

Billy's House has fully complied with the health protocols against COVID and asks from the guests to also comply with the simple precaution rules in order to keep everyone safe.
Departure time for this season should be until 11:00 and arrival time should be after 15:00. Between guests, this time is necessary to air the room out sufficiently and for its complete disinfection.
Thank you for your understanding!
Enjoy your holidays and stay healthy!
Health First - Billy's House

Declaration of Conformity

Number of M.H.T.E. / Notification: 0831Κ132Κ0521900

Accommodation Title 
Number of M.H.T.E. / Notification: 3467593
Category: 2K
Capacity: 8 / 18

Date of Declaration: 26/06/2020